The web application has high speed internet connectivity allowing fast delivery of web content to the broker, agents, underwriting managers and insurers.


  • Experience easy quoting, policy conversion, amendments and claims notification in real time.
  • Operate from anywhere in the world, on as many computers simultaneously as you please, without the need for any server, hardware or other software. The only requirement is that the computers are connected to the internet.
  • Your employees or agents situated at different locations, on the road or even overseas, all have direct access to current information 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no down-time for backups, month-end runs, updates etc.


  • Online management modules let intermediaries view real-time data and manage their accounts, claims and policies online.
  • View policies section by section, with itemised charges and their payment history.
  • Provides flexible reporting and data analysis to enable refinement of business opportunities. Professionalism on a new level with your own branded system, policy documentation and website functionality.
  • Get the user-friendly look and feel you are accustomed to in your old windows program.


  • There is no need for making backups. Every time you press save, the data is saved to multiple locations and backed up regularly.
  • A fully compliant policy issuing process that does not impact on service delivery to the client.


  • Enhancements to the system and new features automatically become available on a daily basis.
  • Development of the system is continuous and benefits all parties, keeping pace with future technology requirements.


  • Save money on hardware, software and time spent on maintenance.
  • Web-based documentation eliminates costly and wasteful distribution of printed materials.
  • You will not have to worry about long term contracts and costly fees.
  • The 1Web server resides in an environmentally controlled and secure location which has emergency power (for short duration power outages) and standby power (for longer duration power outages)


  • No installation hassles
  • No upgrade hassles
  • No security hassles
  • No accessibility hassles
  • Actualize business requirements without the need for source code modification
  • Seamless version upgrade procedures to future-proof your investment
  • Available 24/7 and can be accessed remotely

  • Johannesburg Branch:
    54 Maxwell Drive, Woodmead North Office Park, Woodmead, Johannesburg, 2000
  • Bloemfontein Branch:
    2 Oubos Estate, Kenneth Kaunda Avenue, Tredenham, Bloemfontein, 9301
  • Phone: 0861 266 562
  • Email:

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